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Key Specifications
Part Number Description Status Number of Channels Vin(Min)(V) Vin(Max)(V) Imax(A) Ron@4.5V(Typ)(mOhm) Iq(Max)(μA) Output Rise Time @ 3.6V(Typ)(μs) Quick Output Discharge Transistor Enable Control Operating Temperature Range(°C) Pin/Package EV Kit Available?
UM3865P Single Channel Load Switch with Level Shift ACTIVE 1 1.8 8 1 300 1 Adjustable No Active High -40 to 85 6/SOT363 Y
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Product Description
The UM3865P includes a p- and n-channel MOSFET in a single SOT363 package. The low on-resistance p-channel MOSFET is tailored for use as a load switch. The n-channel, with an external resistor, can be used as a level-shift to drive the p-channel load switch. The n-channel MOSFET has internal ESD protection and can be driven by logic signals as low as 1.5V. The UM3865P operates on supply lines from 1.8V to 8V, and can drive loads up to 1A.
- 300 mΩ Low On-Resistance
- 1.8V to 8V Input
- 1.5V to 8V Logic Level Control
- Low Profile, Small Footprint SOT363 Package
- 2000V ESD Protection on Input Switch
- Adjustable Slew-Rate

Typical Application Circuit

- Battery Packs
- Battery-Powered Portable Equipment
- Cellular and Cordless Telephones
Pin Configurations


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3000pcs/7 Inch
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